Saturday, 18 May 2013

Monday, 6 May 2013

May Bank Holiday

Saturday dawned with some distinctively un-promising squalls after a windy night.P1000085
However, things were looking better by lunchtime at the Folly, and even better in time for Sunday lunch at Fenny Compton, where the water point and winding hole were in the usual state of chaos.
Monday was equally sunny, so we passed the marina with the intention of lunch at the Boat.  Unfortunately two things intervened:
1. The Boat is closed, (again), it is so hard to keep track.
2.  CaRT have done some work to reduce erosion and make the bank more wildlife friendly above Stockton Top Lock.  Unfortunately this makes the canal just a few inches too narrow to turn a 58 foot boat.  As ever, there were crowds of people about to watch us discover this.  On the up side, we could still turn easily below the top lock…